PVC Debottlenecking Services

PVC Debottlenecking Services

Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by a specialty chemical producer with plant locations around the world to prepare FEL-2 level process design packages for three planned polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production process debottlenecking and expansion projects. Project locations were in North America and South America. 

PROCESS performed the following tasks to prepare three independent FEL-2 Process Design Packages:

  • Review and Commented on Debottlenecking Initiatives Prepared by Client

  • Preparation of Design Basis, Functional Scope, and Facility Scope Documents

  • Preparation of Standard Drawing Border and Lead Sheet for Process Flow Diagrams

  • Updating Heat and Material Balance to Reflect Debottlenecking Initiative Implementation

  • Updating Block Flow Diagrams

  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams 

  • Modification of Process Flow Diagrams to include Red Lines Showing Debottlenecking Initiatives

  • Preparation of Schedule of Utility Changes Associated with the Debottlenecking Initiatives

  • Identification of Special Wastewater or Solid Waste Treatment Requirements

  • Preparation of New Equipment Lists

  • Preparation of Drawing Schedule

  • Preparation of Equipment Specification Sheets for Approximately 120 Pieces of Equipment

  • Modification of Process Layout Sketch to Show Modified Equipment

  • Preparation of AACE Class 4 Capital Cost Estimate to +40/-20% Target Accuracy

  • Preparation of FEL-3 Engineering Scope Package

After completing the FEL-2 Process Design Package for the largest of the three debottlenecking projects, PROCESS traveled to South America to participate in a formal Value Engineering Workshop that identified ways to implement project goals while dramatically reducing capital costs associated with implementing the debottlenecking initiatives.

The client plans to use the FEL-2 Process Design Packages and the FEL-3 Engineering Scope Package to prepare formal Requests for Quotation for lump sum FEL-3 services.