About Our Process Engineering Company

Process Engineering International, LLC is the international arm of our U.S. based parent company, Process Engineering Associates, LLC and serves to perform process engineering projects for clients outside the U.S., while also addressing the unique business development and project execution needs of international clientele.

We understand that project success requires a flexible approach, particularly when working in various regions of the world. That is where we come in. Process Engineering International works to cultivate long-term business relationships, to develop an understanding of local challenges and needs as they pertain to the client’s business needs and the project at hand, and to understand and adapt to cultural differences that may come into play. With this philosophy, we seek to improve client profitability and minimize project risks, as we provide the highest degree of professional services in chemical engineering.

Many of our projects include traveling to the project site for face-to-face meetings, to answer any key questions, and to effectively review site operations and collect data as necessary. We rely on email communications, web meetings, and site visits to connect with each client, setting up open lines of communication and fostering mutual trust. This is paramount to the success of the relationships, and it ensures that we can do the best work possible for you. It is important to us that you feel secure in the partnership knowing that your business is in excellent and capable hands.

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