Our Chemical Process Development Clients and Projects

At Process Engineering International, we provide chemical engineering services across many process industries to ensure effective and efficient solutions in even the most challenging situations. Our professional services have assisted chemical process development companies in a variety of markets all over the world improve their operations efficiency, exceed desired product quality, increase throughput, improve safety and reduce their emissions. 

Long-term industry experience has provided us the knowledge and resources to develop lasting, effective strategies that benefit your bottom line.

We are proud to provide engineering and process design services to multiple industrial markets, including oil & gas/refining, specialty and commodity chemicals manufacturing, minerals processing, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, industrial waste treatment, power generation, and more. Refineries, chemical manufacturers, industrial processing companies and more rely on our professional team to provide quality chemical engineering services and solutions for all aspects of their operations.

We provide an array of services for every industrial process market sector to help them overcome challenges and processing issues. In addition, we can help to ensure operations are running smoothly while minimizing downtime. We also have a division that is dedicated to process safety systems and hazards analysis (HAZOPs) that improves overall plant safety when processing highly hazardous chemicals.

Our portfolio shows a variety of prominent projects completed across a range of market areas, and we’re confident that our expert process engineering team can tackle your toughest challenges with impressive savvy while providing cost-effective and reliable solutions that make a real difference. We strive to provide the highest-quality services to our clients, and develop long term and beneficial relationships with them along the way.

Process Clientele

Our team has had the privilege of partnering with a spectrum of companies across a wide variety of industries to improve processes and provide operational support. Due to the variety of chemical process engineering services that we offer, we serve multiple clients in almost every industrial production processing market sector. Our unmatched support, expert-level technical skill, and extensive experience have helped us deliver high-quality results even when facing the toughest challenges in each field.

When you choose to work with Process Engineering International, you can rely on our ability and drive to deliver creative and custom solutions, helping you and your team meet and exceed your production goals. Learn how we have assisted a large number of industry clients succeed while significantly improving their operations by typing a key word of interest in the search box here. This will return project summaries for past project completed by Process Engineering International or the parent company, Process Engineering Associates. For example, searching for “distillation” will take you to the parent company’s website where you will see some technical information and if you scroll down, you will see multiple project summaries.

If your search does not return any relevant experience, please contact us as the database is not all inclusive.

We are proud of our past and continued collaborations with:

Carbon Engineering
Chem Solv
Foster Wheeler
Newmont Goldcorp
Next Methanol
P & G
Process Improvement institute
Quality Wire
Groupe Ageco
SSI Southern Synergy
Sparklet Engineers
Velsicol Chemical LLC
Western Magnesium