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One of the main selling points for many of our engineering solutions is that Process Engineering International is completely independent of any detailed design or EPC company and we do not sell technology. This independence allows our clients to be assured that we are working in their best interests with no financial incentives to go into a costly detailed design phase for projects that do not make economic/technical sense or that are not properly defined.

We are also an excellent choice to provide risk reduction services to our clients. This risk reduction can be in the form of independent third party reviews of process designs done by others, providing owners’ process engineer services to help guide a management team that may not have the full time staff or technical depth of our process engineers, serve as a liaison between finance companies and operating companies to ensure that investment funds are being utilized properly, and perform technical due diligence studies for mergers and acquisitions, and and act as the Independent Consulting Engineer (ICE) for project evaluation and execution oversight services.

We routinely work with detailed design and EPC companies to enhance their process engineering capabilities and we work with technology companies to assist with the development and optimization of their technologies, all without the fear of providing competing services or technologies.

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