Process Development Support: Processing Engineer

Process Development Support

Process Development Support with Expert Processing Engineer

We can provide your team with process-oriented detailed design support through our processing engineer, construction support, and support for commissioning and startup; steps in which the knowledge of experienced process engineers is extremely valuable. Our experts can monitor and independently report on process progress for new constructions or plant modifications. Our staff is also adept at developing commissioning and startup plans as well as providing on-site support during commissioning and startup activities to help ensure process related tasks are proceeding as planned and process problems are addressed quickly and efficiently. Our project and process support services provide many benefits to your startup including but not limited to the following:

  • Minimizing risk
  • Identifying and addressing site challenges
  • Optimizing operations
  • Ensuring proper installations and implementation
  • & much more

Process Development Support

Process Engineering International provides process development support for various projects, including new processes, new technologies, and conceptual projects, to name a few. We work with the client's staff to help properly define the process, recommend testing to obtain required data, suggest unit operations alternatives, identify potential risks, and prepare process engineering documentation that can be used for patent applications, financing, or future phases of the project leading to a process design package.

Independent Third Party Evaluations

Process Engineering International provides independent third-party process engineering evaluation support to reduce risk while helping to guide decisions on upcoming large projects and facility expansions. Our project and process support is designed to provide the expertise and resources needed for the proper decision-making in key process areas.

Emission and Effluent Estimation Services

We provide process engineering expertise that helps our clients quantify and where possible, reduce the amount of waste streams generated in their plants. We provide technical data to help manage and obtain compliance permits and the necessary licenses. Our support services are cost effective, and we work closely with our clients to develop custom and efficient strategies and plans that work for them.

Leaning on the expertise of experienced professionals is extremely beneficial during the detailed design, construction, and startup of new or modified processes, and our team at Process Engineering International has been providing engineering process support to a range of manufacturing process detailed designs, construction, and startups for many years.

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