Our Role Among Chemical Engineering Companies

At Process Engineering International, we understand our role among chemical engineering companies. We know how critical it is for engineering projects to get started off properly. Even the most beautifully executed project is only as good as the process design it is derived from. Because of this, if the process design itself is faulty, the project will be doomed to fail or, at the very least, the outcome will not be as efficient and profitable as hoped. In the early 1990's, our team saw this exact scenario of building a production unit based on an inadequate process design, and sought to create a new company that could rise to the occasion, offering process engineering solutions that would set the foundations for effective, efficient project completion, every time.

So, in 1996, the parent company, Process Engineering Associates, LLC, was established with three chemical engineers working out of their homes with a collective mission. That mission was to provide chemical process engineering services as the sole focus of the company– not as a side-line, not as a small piece of the overall engineering business, and certainly not as a way for capturing the much more financially lucrative detail engineering phase jobs, but instead to ensure that the best process engineering solutions could be made available to clients – solutions that were correctly crafted every single time, and at a reasonable price.

In 2009, Process Engineering Associates noticed that the company had grown to service all areas of the U.S. but resources were not being allocated to focus on areas outside of the U.S. It was understood that doing business outside of the U.S. was different than doing business inside of the U.S. Therefore, in January of 2009 Process Engineering International was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary to focus on process engineering needs for clients around the world.

Since then, and with an ever-growing team of like-minded chemical engineers, we have developed the best chemical process engineering solutions available anywhere. Thanks to our capabilities and expansive client base, our team, combined with the Parent Company, have grown to become the largest independent chemical process engineering company in the world. Let us create solutions for you.